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Help! My Vinyl Stickers Don’t Stick!

About Vinyl Stickers You may have had that occasion when you return home from a great sticker shopping experience, eager to adhere your newly-purchased vinyl into your car or room. But alas, it doesn’t stick! Before panicking or heading to the shop to complain, try reading this article to see why there may not be…

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Where Can I Use Kraft Paper Stickers?

Custom Kraft Paper Stickers Kraft Paper Stickers possess a quaint but elegant tone that distinguishes it from regular sticker paper. It is as flexible and stands out, which makes it a suitable choice for labels and giveaways. Here are some ideas on how to bring out the charm of your product with kraft paper stickers.…


I Can’t Remove My Car Stickers!

Problem of Stickers In another article, we discussed about the problem of stickers that just refuse to stick. This time, however, we will be discussing the opposite – what if your bumper stickers won’t come off? A new paint job, new stickers, or maybe you’re just tired of your old stickers… There are many reasons…


What Are Hologram Stickers?

Eye Catching Hologram Stickers Hologram stickers are stickers that display a three-dimensional appearance despite being two-dimensional in nature. They are utilized not only for their eye-catching appearance but also because of their security functions. What exactly is a hologram sticker and what makes it so special? A hologram sticker uses holographic foil and a laser…


Working With Gold and Silver Stickers

Stickers For Marketing Products Gold and silver vinyl stickers are ideal for marketing products and services that feature class, prestige, and professionalism. Gold and silver have always been associated with wealth and quality, and brands who want to emphasize those qualities would appreciate the lustrous effect that these stickers have. In addition, the color easily…


Stickers and Surfaces: A Basic Guide

Sticker Printing Guide Stickers are one of the most affordable ways to market to consumers. They can be stuck almost anywhere and given away without hurting the budget. However, the downside is that you’re not really sure where to put them. Are we really sure that the sticker will really stick…and stay there? Here is…


Benefits of Matte Stickers

Vinyl Matte Stickers Aside from gloss finish, matte is another option when it comes to stickers. Matte does not emit a shiny effect and is not smooth like gloss, but it also has advantages that can make it as appealing or better than regular or gloss stickers. Here are some reasons why Matte Stickers could…


What Are The Benefits of Embossed Stickers?

Benefits of Embossed Stickers It’s apparent that stickers are just stickers. Why go through the trouble of giving them a special finish or even embossing them? Embossing costs more than regular stickers, which can be off-putting for smaller businesses, especially for those who are considering this feature for labels. Here are some reasons to give…